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Kristiansand is considered the capital of Southern Norway and the heart of the region. It is the fifth largest city in Norway, with 92,000 inhabitants. While it can offer the variety of any big city, Kristiansand has also successfully preserved many of the special qualities of smaller towns. Kristiansand is a great place to come to all year round, but especially in the beginning of June.
In June it is spring time here, flowers starting to bloom, the trees are starting to get there green leaves, and the weather is getting warmer. If you are lucky you can wear shorts.


Welcome to a Martial Arts weekend at Kristiansand Kampsport Senter in Kristiansand, Norway. 

Every year since 2009 we have hosted a Martial Arts summer camp on the first weekend of June, with amazing instructors and participants from all over the world. We do not care what you train, or in which organization you belong to, you are welcome to participate and you will be made to feel welcome from the first moment. If you are what to improve your an aspect of your chosen Martial Art, or if you are looking to try something new, I am sure you will have gained a bit more knowledge after this weekend. If you are looking to make friends with like minded people I am sure you will do this too, like many people have done before.

Our seminar weekends attract people from all over who love get together for great weekends of martial arts in southern Norway.
KKS provides the best instructors and guest instructors to make our events an experience you to want to come back to.  
All of our camps are renowned for their open and welcoming atmosphere. They’re full of enthusiastic, friendly people from all around the world, who enjoy training in a fun, relaxed, and open-minded environment. So regardless of whether you’re there with a group or traveling solo, you’ll always find people you connect with.

2 CAMPS IN 1, also for kids.

We have a kids camp before the adults camp. On Friday from 17.00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00-12.00.
We usually have 100 + kids from 4- 14 years old, decided up by age. Classes like Nunchaku, Sword, kicking, punching, throwing and grappling.
The kids have an amazing time. After the kids classes are done then we do the adult camp.

There is lots to do in Kristiansand for Kids in the summer, so it is not a problem to have an amazing time in Kristiansand.

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Usually we go out to eat together on the Saturday, we have to book space in the restaurants in advance, so when booking your ticket, send us a quick email and let us know if you want to tag along. This year we have a 25 year celebration the price for the event is kr 495,- which includes the meal drink is purchased separately. We need to book and reserve at the hotel, so please book in advance as it will be difficult to do so when you arrive.

This is a training weekend, so drinking and partying should be saved for another time.
If you have just started out, or you are a seasoned martial artist, you will have a great time as long as you bring a smile.



We always have an amazing instructor line up. When picking instructors we are very specific. We want knowledgeable down to earth instructors with great communication skills. Looking back we can see that instructors that have trained or mastered multiple martial arts have been the most popular, so many of our chosen instructors are well versed and open minded in multiple styles. This is good because we cater to participance from Karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Kali, FMA etc.

So when setting up you schedule, or choosing what to train, do not focus to much on styles, focus on distance or ranges. Do you want to improve your kicking or punching range, weapons range or grappling range. You can train what ever you want from the schedule, mix and match. Explore new things or sharpen what you already know.
Check out our home page or our Facebook page for updated instructor list and seminar schedule.



The Addresse is AEgirsvei 10, 4632 Kristiansand.
Let us know before you come, we will can organize transport to and from the hotel to the event for you.
Kristiansand Kampsport Senter is one of the biggest professional Martial Arts schools in Norway.
We offer alot of space with great lighting and airconditioning.

Dojo 1 is a 180 m2 room with 2,5 cm tatami mats, that can be splitt in two with acordion doors.
Dojo 2 is  a 300 m2  room with 4 cm Dolarmur mats.
Dojo 3 is a 120 m2 room with 4 cm tatami mats.

Changing rooms both for guys and girls.
(For safety, please do not leave anything in the changing rooms)
We have a small shop that sells equipment, food & beverages during the breaks.
Do you want to pre-order or make sure we have a Camp T-shirt waiting for you, check out our webshop.


Adults full weekend is kr 1000.- per person. Around 110 Euros/ Dollars
This includes training from 19.00- 21.00 on Friday and from 12.00- 15.30 on Saturday and Sunday.
Send a mail to post@kristiansandkampsport.no and we will send you a ticket that you can buy a ticket using Paypal.
To pay by bank:
Bank address
Sparebanken Sør, Postboks 200, 4662 Kristiansand, Norway
IBAN-nr: NO6130002575309


We have made a deal for our guest that are from out of town, with a very nice Thon Hotel Norge in the City Center.
The hotel is smack bang in the center of our quaint litle town, so you are in walking distance of most things.
It is also a 6 minute car ride away from our Dojo at Kristiansand Kampsport Senter.
The prices are for 2 hotels "Thon Hotel Parken" & "Thon Hotel Norge"
Standard room 1 pers kr 945
Standard room 2 pers kr 1145
Familyroom 3 pers kr 1445
Familyroom 4 pers kr 1745
Prices are pr night pr room including an amazing breakfast buffet.
To book send an email to "parken.booking@olavthon.no"
Stating which of the hotels you would like to stay in.
Use Kode "Kristiansand Kampsport Deal"


The airport in Kristiansand, Norway is  -“Kjevik”.
Here is the airports information page. It gives you a lot of useful information in one place.

Cheaper but more traveling 

Ryan air from Stanstead to Oslo Torp, From the airport Torp to Kristiansand is a 3 hour bus ride.
The bus costs between £10- 30 depending on the bus.
The cheapest is to book in advance  http://www.nor-way.no
Choose from Fokserød - to KristiansandIt is very easy,
ask for help at the airport when you land if you are unsure.
They are always happy to help.  

The ferry from Denmark

This is great if you live in Denmark, Northern Germany, or maybe even Holland.
You can take the ferry from Hirtsals in Denmark, it takes about 2,5 hours. The terminal is from walking distance to both hotels, so if you can take a train to Hirtsals you really do not even need a car.
- Colorline
- Fjordline


If you decide to stay a few days extra to make a holiday of your trip, alone, with friends or family there is lots to do in Kristiansand.
Lots of amazing restaurants and sights to see. Here are some of our best suggestions for kids and adults.

From the Captain Sabertooth ( Sabeltann) Show in Dyreparken.

Spa and Relax at Aquarama.

If you are young or old this is an amazing place to relax or have fun, either before or after training. If you just want  to swim in amazing hot and pools, do a wet or hot Sauna or play in the water slides Aquarama is a fantastic experience, both for adults and kids. Bring your swimming suit.


Dyreparken, Zoo and Amusement park

This is just amazing, you can spend days here having fun. They also have amazing outdoor and indoor heated and unheated pools and water slides.
Pricy, but well worth checking out. Especially if you have kids.

Høyt og Lavt Climbing and Zipline Park.

The park’s longest zip line is over 200 meters long and extends 35 meters above Grotjønn. In addition, Høyt & Lavt Kristiansand has now built Norway’s roughest zip line, Fjellvåken – 500 meters long, 65 meters in altitude difference and with a speed up to 80km / h! The climbing park consists mainly of different types of obstacles in the trees put together in different trails, with varying length and difficulty. The trails consist, among other things. of wires and ropes built into the natural terrain, allowing you to experience an exciting world from the tree tops.

Check out the Home page

Kristiansand Cannon Museum

In beautiful hiking terrain at Møvik outside Kristiansand is a cannon battery from World War II. The cannon at Møvik is the world's second largest cannon mounted on land. The battery (Batterie Vara) was started in 1941 and together with the cannon battery in Hanstholm in Denmark was to control ship traffic in the Skagerrak. The cannons had a range of 55 kilometers.

Visit Museum website. You can also find other museums on this page


Here is a page that tells you about all the things you can do in Southern Norway



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