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This is just a short introduction to what we can offer you, it is just an outline so use google translate to translate our main pages as they have more in depth information.
Feel free to contact us directly after you read this page and we can help you become a part of our community.

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For over 20 years, we have been a part of the everyday lives of thousands of families and individuals in Kristiansand. Many of the children we have trained come back with children of their own, the community continues to grow for several generations. Today we are approx 600 members of all ages divided between 2 martial arts centers, one in Vågsbygd and one in Lund.

The center is led by its principal instructor, Richard Haye, who is a highly experienced martial artist with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

The center offers a wide range of martial arts classes, including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and Kali Self Defence. These classes are designed to suit all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and are taught by a team of experienced and dedicated instructors. The center also offers fitness classes, such as strength training, cardio and yoga.

One of the key goals of Kristiansand Kampsport Senter is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where people can come together to learn, grow and improve their physical and mental well-being. The center's instructors are committed to helping each student reach their full potential, whether that means mastering a new technique, getting in shape, or simply feeling more confident and empowered.

In addition to classes, Kristiansand Kampsport Senter also offers personal training, which allows students to work one-on-one with an instructor to achieve their specific goals. The center also regularly hosts events, such as seminars and tournaments, which provide students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and connect with other martial artists.

In summary, Kristiansand Kampsport Senter is a premier martial arts and fitness center led by a team of experienced and dedicated instructors, to provide the best training experience possible to all our students. We offer a wide range of classes, personal training and events, all of which are designed to help students improve their physical and mental well-being, while building a sense of community among students.

Foreldre som trener med sine barn

Parent & Kids classes

4-5 years  Tuesdays 17.00-17.40
6- 7 years Thursday 17.00- 17.40
One adult per child. The adult wears training pants and a t-shirt and participates in the class, holding pads and being the best coach under our guidance.
It is only the child that is enrolled in the class that pays. You do not have to pay for the adult, unless they start training themselves in an adult class.

kampsport 123 ungdom

Kids and youth classes

Mondays & Wednesdays
7- 9 years  17.00-17.45
10- 14 years 18.00- 18.45
"Kampsport 123" is a fantastic program where the kids get to learn Kickboxing - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kali Self Defence.
We focus on a martial art for a month, before changing the theme. This is super popular and it gives the children a good and versatile martial arts foundation. When the young person turns 14, they can choose to specialize and train in the martial arts they enjoy best.

Adult Classes

Check out the or each link or the schedule to get the correct times.

Membership information.

The vast majority of people find it demanding to exercise, some find it boring and others do not find the motivation to do it over time.
Being a member with us is a different experience. You will no longer "just" work out, you will also learn something. You can achieve goals, in the form of belts and skill advancement. Your attendance is recorded and rewarded in the form of and "attendance stripes" on the belt.
That in itself does something to the whole experience. You no longer exercise because you have to, but because it's fun and what you spend your time on has value in the form of knowledge. The bonus is that you get in shape, or..... while you learn martial arts, and meet lots of people.


It can be tempting to compare the prices with a cheap fitness center that consists of a room with equipment that you can use to the best of your ability. Kristiansand Kampsport Senter is a professional martial arts center, with beautiful, clean premises and highly qualified instructors who give you personal follow-up at every training session. With us, you are seen, included and taken care of.

Our contracts are direct debit, which is deducted per month.

  • Our prices range from kr 379 for kids under 16 and from kr 479 for adults depending on which type of contract you choose.
  • A mandatory kr 390 per kalender year insurance, deducted each January after initial sign up.

The first bill will be sent you you by post, this will include the first month + the insurance fee. After that you will have direct debit.

Withdrawal/ Termination

There is a 6-month binding registration. (12 months for GOLD MEMBERS)
After the binding period, the contract continues automatically until it is terminated manually by you. There is a 2-month notice period, during which a written notice of termination must be sent to the payment company. If you wish to quit after the end of the binding period, you must give notice at least 2 months before the end of the binding period.

Equipment and accessories

Martial arts, like any other sport, require some equipment.
A starter pack costs from NOK 1,599 to NOK 1,999, depending on which martial arts branch you will train. You can borrow equipment while you have a free trial week.


All members at KKS must have compulsory martial arts insurance of NOK 390 per calendar year.
Normal insurance policies do not cover any injuries that occur in connection with martial arts-related training.
This insurance only applies at KKS, not in competitions or elsewhere.
It applies from 1 January to 31 December in the year it is paid, and is automatically renewed every calendar year in January by automatic withdrawal, as long as you are a member.

How to get a free week

If you or your kids want to try it out, it is easy. Choose the class that suits you or the right class for your kids age group. You can find all our classes on the "timeplan"  (Schedule) . Just come 15 minutes before the class starts in regular work out clothes, we will loan you whatever else you need.

After the class you will get all the paperwork that you can check out when you get home.

If you decide to join, fill in the contract and bring it 20 minutes before your next class. When you have handed in the contract, you must buy the starter kit from us, for your chosen activity. You are good to go!

Our guidelines.

The guidelines apply to everyone, regardless of whether you are a practitioner or an instructor.
The guidelines apply to everyone regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. The guidelines apply equally to everyone, regardless of skin colour, citizenship or orientation.

- Practice personal hygiene at all time when attending any classes at our school.
- Always wear a clean uniform and make sure your equipment does not smell.
- To participate in our classes you must always wear the right uniform and equipment for the martial arts discipline you are attending..
- We promise to be on time, we expect the same from you. Punctuality, is respecting other peoples time.
- Pay for what you have bought, both equipment and your training fees.
- Be polite to your training partners and instructors.
- Be considerate of others and be a safe training partner.
- Leave your ego at home.

If, for one reason or another, the members do not follow one or more of the guidelines, the instructor informs the person concerned directly. The notice is given on the basis of the guidelines and is not an attack on you as a person and must not be taken personally.
You are not notified because you are you, it is not a personal attack on you, your color, religion, background, we are letting you know because we want you to also follow the guidelines for mutual well-being. In short, if you want to play with us you must be kind to everyone and follow our simple rules.

Language and culture barrier

I, myself am foreigner, and out of personal experience I can say that learning and understanding the language and culture of Norway is difficult, but it is the key to live a happy life here. For many years I fought against assimilation, learning the language, I WAS NOT Norwegian, unfairly I expected everyone to understand me and my culture. That lead to a few hard years, until I finally understood, that I must understand them, before expecting them to understand me.

Being in a foreign country is not always an easy thing. You do not only have the language difference, but you will have a culture difference as well.
This can show itself in tonality of the voice, the words that are used, body language and so on. Being treated as a local, being expected to follow the same rules as everyone else is not an insult, but a way to treat you the same as everyone else.

Food for thought; If we always feel like people treat us badly or we end up arguing with people, maybe it is not because we have a different culture or skin color, maybe it is because we are just being an a$$.

The reason I am including this, is because if you are reading the English section you are not local and I thought I can share my experience with you, in case it could be of help.


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